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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing yard. As attractive as having trees that are carefully shaped may look to property owners, trimming or pruning is also an important safety consideration: dead or broken limbs need to be removed immediately as they can pose serious safety hazards. The cost of tree trimming service usually varies and depends on a number of factors include size, the amount of foliage/branches, and a total number of trees that need to be pruned. However, even with all those variables to consider, there is an approximate industry pricing standard that falls somewhere along this spectrum:

  • Trees 30 Feet Tall or Shorter: $100-$450
  • Trees between 30 and 60 Feet Tall: $175-$1000
  • Trees over 60 Feet Tall: $250-$1500

Again, this is an approximate price range that most professional tree service companies quote for tree care that involves trimming/pruning. Accessibility and location also play a large factor in determining the final price. Additionally, customers can expect to pay more in the case of an emergency – dead and broken limbs must be cleared immediately due to the immense safety risk. Tree service may cost up to $250/hour in these emergency situations with single trees sometimes costing up to $5,000. If ignored, falling limbs can cause serious injury or death. Falling branches or tree limbs can also cause immense property damage without routine tree service from a professional arborist.

Types of Tree Pruning Include:

  • Crown Reduction (reducing canopy size)
  • Crown Raising (removal of lower branches)
  • Thinning (selective removal of branches that reduce light penetration)
  • Collar Cutting (precision trimming near tree intersection points)
  • Directional Trimming (cutting branches to force tree growth away from power lines, property etc.)

All of these pruning techniques play a large role in proper tree care and maintenance.

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